Age Immaterial is a new blog that will provide a platform to highlight and discuss issues affecting working women over 50. We will gather the best campaigners, writers and women of experience to write about key issues facing women over 50 in the work place focusing on five key areas: pay, jobs, discrimination, caring and health.

We will report the latest news, employment issues and reports whilst ensuring a wide range of voices get to contribute to the debate via our blog, links and work with the leading organisations championing older women.

Women over 50 face significant discrimination in the workplace, we are going to use this blog to shout about it, to raise awareness of the issues and to call for action.

We will make our voices heard on the gender pay gap, on low pay and the ever persistent glass ceiling, on poverty pay and retirement, the attack on our pensions.

Women over 50 in the workplace report feeling ‘invisible’, this is borne out by evidence; women being managed out on health grounds, job losses caused by sex and age discrimination and rising unemployment particularly due to cuts in the public sector. We will tell these stories, highlight cases where women have been victimised in the workplace and challenge employers to do more.

And we, our sisters, mothers, friends and colleagues are increasingly becoming an army of unpaid carers for elderly relatives, for grandchildren and for our partners. We will be making the case for action from government on social care and flexible leave for carers.

And whilst women are facing these multiple challenges and discrimination we are also subject to disciplinaries for daring to be off sick with very real health concerns like the menopause. We want to get talking about this and challenge work places to become more understanding and supportive places for women.

Well this growing army of women are about to try to change things. Join us.

We want to hear from you, if you want to get your voice heard for women over 50 then get in touch!