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Angela Thorogood is a part time research student at the University of Bedfordshire, investigating women’s experiences of working through the menopause. Angela says, “I became interested in this area of research personally as I went through the menopause when I was 40 years old. Although I was a full time mother and not in paid employment my experiences of the menopause have stayed with me and, over the years, I have discussed my experiences with friends who are now going through the menopause themselves. Hearing about their experiences and how it has affected them at work, I felt that further research was needed on the subject.”

  • Approximately half of the UK workforce (47%) is made up of women aged 50 years or older. With around two-thirds of women aged 50 to 59 in employment, these women will be experiencing the menopause or have been through it.  The menopause is part of the aging process. It is not a medical disease and it can have a significant impact on psychological well-being, physical health, cognition and social implications on the working lives of women.

    Many managers are unaware of the many physical symptoms of the menopause which might affect a woman’s well-being at work. Menopausal symptoms most likely to affect women include hot flushes (70% of women suffer from them for one year, 30% for five years and 5% – 10% for 10 to 15 years), palpitations, night sweats and sleep disturbance, fatigue, poor concentration, irritability and mood disturbance.  These working women may also have to care for frail and aging parents, look after their own family, experience changes in health and changes in their relationships.

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    Posted on April 15th, 2013 by Angela Thorogood filed under: Blog, Health