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Ben Moxham

Ben is the Senior Equality Policy Officer in the TUC’s Equality and Employment Rights Department. He covers equal pay, discrimination law and family-friendly rights.

  • A House of Lords’ select committee has today released “Ready for Ageing” a report concluding that the government is “woefully underprepared” to deal with a rapidly ageing UK population.

    The report shows that a woman turning 65 in 2030 can expect to live until she’s 91. That’s good news. But at 65 she might also expect to face an “inadequate retirement income”, a social care system in an even deeper crisis, the disproportionate burden of caring for elderly parents, and employers who continue to think that people reaching her age should be pushed of the so-called “retirement cliff”.

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    Posted on March 14th, 2013 by Ben Moxham filed under: Blog