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Camilla Palmer

Camilla is a consultant and Head of Employment at Leigh Day. She has specialised in discrimination law for nearly 20 years. She joined Leigh Day in April 2009 and leads the employment and discrimination team.

  • Why are top positions in organisations occupied mainly by men?

    Why are there so few women in the Cabinet?

    Why are the majority of newsreaders/presenters/guests, older men, when they do not meet the standards of ‘attractiveness’ that are applied to women – of being young, thin, blonde and attractive? The abusive comments made about the wonderful and witty Mary Beard including being ‘too ugly for TV’ were truly shocking. Has any man been called ugly or vilified for being too clever and remaining grey?

    Discrimination still starts early and ages well. It affects all women, at all ages and at all levels in organisations, but is more obvious at the top.

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    Posted on March 20th, 2013 by Camilla Palmer filed under: Work