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Frances O'Grady

Frances is General Secretary of the TUC, and is the first woman ever to hold this post. She has served on the Resolution Foundation’s Commission on Living Standards, and has been a member of the Low Pay and the High Pay Commissions. Frances is a strong believer in protecting the public service ethos, opposes privatisation and leads TUC campaigning on the NHS.

  • Sex and Power 2013 – who runs Britain?

    Well, on the whole, unions are doing a lot better than most. But that’s partly because the rest are doing so badly. A new report from the Counting Women In Coalition showed just how dire women’s representation is at the top of politics and public life. In fact, Britain is falling down the global league table when it comes to women’s access to power and representation in politics.

    Women are a majority of the population, but power is concentrated in the hands of a minority. The lack of women in Westminster is often discussed. But the report shows that women are woefully under-represented in senior positions across public life, from the police and the education sector, to the arts and the world of finance.

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    Posted on March 12th, 2013 by Frances O'Grady filed under: Blog