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Gemma Tumelty

Gemma is Stakeholder Relations Manager for the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. Prior to this she worked as the Campaigns and Events Officer at the TUC, working on a wide range of campaigns from Employment Rights to the NHS and Rail.

  • Women in their 50s earn nearly a fifth less than men of the same age – the widest gender pay gap of any age group.

    TUC analysis of the pay and jobs of women over the age of 50 shows that despite a dramatic rise in the number of women working past 50, low pay and pensioner poverty remain major concerns for them as they approach retirement.

    A woman in her 50s working full-time currently earns £11.99 per hour – 18 per cent less hour than a man of a similar age (£14.69). This compares to a 10 per cent gender pay gap across the workforce as a whole. Women in their 50s also earn less than women in their 30s (£14.17) and 40s (£12.93).

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    Posted on March 10th, 2013 by Gemma Tumelty filed under: Blog, Work