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Geraldine Bedell

Geraldine is the editor of Gransnet, the social networking site for grandparents. Prior to that, Geraldine founded Agebomb, a website covering issues raised by demographic change and ageing. She has written for all the UK’s broadsheet newspapers and a wide range of magazines.

  • The empty-nest years are turning out to be full-nest years. Forget the cruises and the backpacking in India: the costs of childcare mean that one in three working families now relies on grandparents to help looking after the grandchildren. Not only are grandparents helping their children function economically; they also often bear the burden of caring for elderly relatives. Meanwhile, we are all being told we need to work longer.

    This is quite a lot of things to be falling on grandparents’ shoulders, so perhaps it’s not surprising that since Gransnet started as a social networking site for grandparents two years ago, one of the most persistent discussions has been ‘how are we supposed to do so much?’

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    Posted on March 11th, 2013 by Geraldine Bedell filed under: Blog