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John Hannett has been the General Secretary of Usdaw since 2004. He sits on both the Executive Committee and the General Council of the TUC and represents the interests of Usdaw members on a number of Government Commissions.

In May 2007, John was appointed to sit on the Low Pay Commission which was established following the National Minimum Wage Act to advise the Government on the level of the National Minimum Wage and is made up of representatives from all sides of industry. He has also served on the Women and Work Commission which was set up to look at tackling the gender pay gap and the Independent Advisory Group to the Russell Commission; the focus of the Commission being to develop a national framework for youth action and engagement.

John also sat on the Standing Commission on Carers which reflects the Government’s recognition of the campaigning work the Union has been doing around Supporting Parents and Carers.

  • One in five members of Usdaw is a woman aged 50 and over and so issues of how unions can best support and defend the interests of older women are very real for us, as for many other TUC affiliated unions.

    The TUC’s recent survey of older women workers has generated a strong response from Usdaw members. It gave us the opportunity to find out more about the concerns of a section of our membership who have often been overlooked by policy makers and employers.

    The work being done by the TUC and Labour Party on older women is a timely reminder that we must not forget older women workers. Unions need to show that we are in touch with the reality of older women’s daily lives. Working people see that unions have something to offer when we take up the issues that matter to them and their families. Travelling home from work late at night, women’s health issues, juggling work with caring and being treated with dignity and respect at work are all mainstream trade union issues that directly affect the lives of many older women.    

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    Posted on July 25th, 2013 by John Hannett filed under: Blog, Work