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Dr. Matt Flynn is a Reader of Age and Work at Middlesex University Business School and the Director of the Centre for Research into the Older Workforce. His research interest focuses on the impact of ageing societies on the world of work. He has carried out research for the UK government and European Union and has conducted research in the UK, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong. He is currently leading an ESRC study which applying the Capabilities Approach to work to retirement transitions as well as a study for the Trades Union Congress on the impact of the abolition of the default retirement age on older workers.

  • Photo of an old suitcase with name tags and labels. Photo © Hin Pang for

    Part of the Wai Yin Centre’s 20 year anniversary exhibition © Hin Pang.

    As part of a collaborative project, Wai-Yin, a community centred organisation in Manchester, and the Centre for Research into the Older Workforce are working together to explore the views of older Chinese migrants about rises in the State Pension Age and broader public policy measures meant to encourage workers to delay retirement.

    Over a six week period, we have worked with a group of eight older people within the Manchester Chinese community to explore the feasibility of working longer in the kinds of work which they do. We also interviewed members of the Wai Yin executive board to find out the big challenges facing the community with regard to employability.

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